Email Acronyms

Email Acronyms

Buat yg suka korespondent via email, mungkin sempet bingung dengan singkatan/istilah sseperti IMO, TIA, BTW dan lain-lainnya. Berikut daftar acronym yg sering digunakan dalam ber-email.

2L8 = too late
AAMOF = as a matter of fact
AFAIK = as far as I know
B4N = bye for now
BTW = by the way
CMIIW = correct me if I’m wrong
CUL = see you later
FWIW = for what it’s worth
IAC = in any case
IKWUM = I know what you mean
IMHO = in my humble opinion
IOW = in other words
KWIM = know what I mean
LOL = laughing out loud
NBIF = no basis in fact
OTOH = on the other hand
ROTFL = rolling on the floor laughing
RTFM = read the f…… manual
SIG = special interest group
TIA = thanks in advance
TNX = thanks
TTFN = ta ta for now

🙂 = happy
🙂 = smile
😦 = sad
😉 = wink
😮 = shocked, surprised
:-> = devilish
:/ = hmmm…
$-) = just won the lotter


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